Dr Ryan Cole Blood Clots and Spike Protein (2023)

On February 1, 2023, Dr. Ryan Cole returned to the Ask Dr. Drew show for Part 2 of his mRNA analysis, and the adverse reactions that he believes are causing sudden adult deaths and foot-long blood clots. See the itemized time stamps of this discussion below.

6:35 Introduction and Review of how Dr. Cole got involved in the Covid pandemic and how his lab work has changed to help those who have been injured by Covid injections

11:20 How is Informed Consent administered properly and how do we assess risks between Covid, Covid shot, or Covid shot + Covid-recovered?

Dr. Cole says it’s muddy because we don’t have proper studies. Dr. Cole shares that natural immunity is supreme - always has been and always will. Yet people were encouraged to get a shot regardless. And some of the studies show that if you got 2 shots, your immune response was weakened to Covid.

Covid is primarily a clotting disease. Proper studies haven’t been done. Instead, funding was spent on advertising to encourage more shots.

14:30 What do you have to share on the lipid-nanoparticles?

Lipid nanoparticles go everywhere and are widespread throughout the tissue which is very concerning. Dr. Cole’s main concern is that the pharmaceutical and public health community wants to continue using this modality in other treatments, yet we still don’t have good safety data, and we are seeing many problems. The precautionary principle should take precedence before moving forward with any further lipid nanoparticle gene-based products, per Dr. Cole.

18:00 Tell us about your clotting update, specifically the pAI-1 prohibitor.

21:00 “I think the primary process in Covid spike protein injury is endotheliitis, where the vessels are inflamed. This can then lead to clotting.”

22:50 Dr. Cole says you can change your gene expression profile based on your underlying health.

26:37 Dr. Kelly Victory joins the program.

27:30 Since early in the pandemic, Ryan Cole is the one person bringing explanation from a pathology standpoint to the things we were seeing clinically. Dr. Cole showed the WHY behind the WHAT that was being seen in the doctor’s office.

28:15 Do you believe there is a genetic predisposition to why some are being harmed and others are not? Can you bring that together with the differences we see in the “vaccine” lots that cause harm vs. others that do not?

Dr. Cole thinks it’s multi-faceted. The inconsistent production seems to explain some of the difference in injury outcomes from the shots. There are also studies that seem to indicate genetic factors can also explain some of the injurious outcome differences.

“There are two things that make a good doctor. #1 you care and #2 you’re curious. If you don’t have the curiosity we’ll never answer these questions.”

33:11 Blood clots are not just unusual in size, location, and frequency, but also because they contain amyloid. Dr. Cole says some of the excess proteins are not being broken down by the body. He shares Dr. Burkhardt’s (Germany) slides showing spike protein and discusses the stains used to see the different types of clots.

38:00 Mitochondrial harm is a major concern of Dr. Cole.

39:00 Dr. Kelly asserts that Dr. Cole has the ability to distinguish between the spike protein occurring from a natural virus and the spike that occurs from the Covid “vaccine”. Dr. Cole’s slide show gives us insight on how he sees this in the cells. The 3 doctors discuss how long the spike protein and the mRNA persist in the body after Covid injection. The mRNA persists for 60 days, shown in two studies. Dr. Cole cites 3 studies with spike persistence, and Dr. Bruce Patterson’s shows the spike persists for 15 months! Chronic inflammation results, creating many consequences to health.

44:45 Dr. Cole shares slides and concerns around the adrenal gland expressing spike proteins in a post-”vaccine” death autopsy. He raises the question, “Can we neutralize the spike in these patients?” and #2, “Can we stop doing this to people?” The cells are expressing spike protein!

48:10 Dr. Kelly Victory is focused on how to fix what has been done to people. How can we remove these spike proteins? Or how do we turn off the mRNA? Dr. Cole says plenty of groups are out there looking into this and many claims for success and usefulness with treatments. One primary way is autophagy through intermittent fasting, promoted by the FLCCC protocols.

50:00 Dr. Cole says the “drugs that shall not be named” can help with spike protein problems. This tongue-in-cheek statement refers to Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine, both of which have been highly censored but show benefit for post-vaccine syndromes, and are part of the FLCCC protocols recommended.

51:08 Dr. Kelly asks about the neurological and psychiatric issues being seen after people take Covid vaccines: seizures, brain fog, other neurologic problems. What are you seeing at the cellular level that can explain this? Dr. Cole shows slides and discusses the cases he has seen and heard about where the spike protein is present in the brain tissue where it should not be. He explains why many are experiencing neuropathy.

57:15 Dr. Kelly wonders if some of the new onset psychosis and depression might be related to “vaccine” injury because of the cellular spike proofs presented by Dr. Cole. The doctors discuss historical events that give evidence to this theory, and at least offer reasons the research and studies need to be prioritized by decision-makers.

59:26 Dr. Kelly asks about the autoimmune cases, post-vaccination, including cancer patients.

Dr. Cole discusses the impact of these Covid shots on IgG4, allowing your body to tolerate spike protein; not good. He cites studies that prove this.

1:03:05 The more Covid shots you get, the more Covid you get, because of immune suppression, says Dr. Cole. This is from a 51,000 person study at the Cleveland Clinic.

1:04:00 Cancer mechanisms from the Covid “vaccines” are plentiful, unfortunately: more shots results in persistent immune suppression, and cancer rates are rising in every age category. He calls this issue the elephant in the room. Where is the data from our public health and medical institutions?!

1:11:00 Closing comments, including slides from a cancer patient, showing spike protein.


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