Dr Peter McCullough: How to Detox Spike Protein from Body

Base Spike Detox

According to Dr Peter McCullough (in a Twitter post - July 2023):

Base Spike Detox is what I am currently using in my practice for those who have had COVID-19 multiple times, one or more of the COVID-19 vaccines, or both and believe persistent SARS-CoV-2 Spike protein could be causing problems in their body. A major publication is under review and editing; however, the information is far too important to hold back. 

Update (Nov 2023): Published on August 25, 2023 in Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons. CLICK HERE FOR THE COMPLETE PAPER > Base Spike Protein Detoxification and on November 21, 2023 in Cureus (PubMed - November 2023)

I have arrived, based on the emerging scientific literature and my clinical observation, that three OTC products are essential as a triple base combination:
  1. Nattokinase 2000 FU (100 mg) twice a day
  2. Bromelain 500 mg once a day
  3. Nano/Liposomal Curcumin 500 mg twice a day
Additional products can be added, including NAC, IVM (Ivermectin), HCQ (Hydroxychloroquine), fluvoxamine, low-dose naltrexone, and blood thinners, depending on the clinical evaluation and the syndrome. The therapeutic objective is to start treatment and allow the body to clear Spike and its fragments with the natural reticuloendothelial system. I believe this triple combination is the best approach.

Patients can get a big head start if they self-initiate Base Spike Detox as they get organized for appointments. I have found three months is a minimum duration, and some require more than a year. Don’t expect instant results, be patient. I have a major manuscript under review for publication that summarizes the clinical rationale and evidence supporting Base Spike Detox.

Important safety warnings include bleeding for those on blood thinners or who have bleeding disorders (e.g., hemophilia), soy allergy, allergies to any component of the combination, and gastrointestinal intolerance. Women of childbearing potential without contraception, pregnant, breastfeeding, and children should not take this combination unless directed by a doctor.

COVID-19 Vaccine Myocarditis Research Wins Award

We’re thrilled to announce that Dr Peter McCullough, won first place on Preprints.org for a study he co-authored on vaccine-induced myocarditis.

Preprints.org is a vital platform for the early dissemination of scholarly research before standard peer review and publication in scientific journals. By allowing research findings to be shared early with the scientific community, Preprints.org facilitates scientific communication and collaboration, enabling researchers to receive feedback and engage with the broader scientific community.

Autopsy Proven Fatal COVID-19 Vaccine-Induced Myocarditis claimed the top spot in the Medicine and Pharmacology category, specifically focusing on cardiac and cardiovascular systems. This research paper delves into a critical issue surrounding COVID-19 vaccination — the potential risk of myocarditis, particularly in cases where it leads to fatal outcomes.

Nattokinase and Spike Protein

Tanikawa et al. examined the effect of nattokinase on the spike protein of SARS-CoV-2. In the first experiment, they demonstrated that spike was degraded in a time and dose-dependent manner in a cell lysate preparation that could be analogous to a vaccine recipient. The second experiment demonstrated that nattokinase degraded the spike protein in SARS-CoV-2 infected cells. This was reproduced in a similar study done by Oba and colleagues in 2021.

Epoch Times Photo
Tanikawa T, Kiba Y, Yu J, Hsu K, Chen S, Ishii A, Yokogawa T, Suzuki R, Inoue Y, Kitamura M. Degradative Effect of Nattokinase on Spike Protein of SARS-CoV-2. Molecules. 2022 Aug 24;27(17):5405. doi: 10.3390/molecules27175405. PMID: 36080170; PMCID: PMC9458005.
Nattokinase is dosed in fibrinolytic units (FU) per gram and can vary according to purity. Kurosawa and colleagues have shown in humans that after a single oral dose of 2000 FU D-dimer concentrations at six, and eight hours, and blood fibrin/fibrinogen degradation products at four hours after administration elevated significantly (p < 0.05, respectively).

Thus an empiric starting dose could be 2000 FU twice a day. Full pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic studies have not been completed, but several years of market use as an over-the-counter supplement suggests nattokinase is safe with the main caveat being excessive bleeding and cautions with concurrent antiplatelet and anticoagulant drugs.

Editor's Note: We are aware of a fact-check article by AFP titled "Experts rubbish Covid vaccine 'detoxification' supplement". In my humble opinion, the title may come across as excessively confident and strongly worded.

The article makes a claim that 'There is no evidence that nattokinase dissolves the spike protein of SARS-CoV-2 in the human body,' while also citing evidence from the Tanikawa study. It's important to acknowledge that the Tanikawa study is a small lab study, which is a common starting point in the research process before moving on to larger studies.

Nevertheless, we agree that nattokinase is not a miracle drug, and further research is necessary. It's worth noting that there are more than 200 studies related to nattokinase published on PubMed.

Moreover, it's essential to recognize that there are multiple approaches to managing COVID-19. We encourage you to consult with your trusted healthcare provider to thoroughly discuss and assess the potential benefits and risks of various possible treatments.

Ivermectin and Spike Protein

Former NIH researcher David Scheim, PhD, early in the pandemic proposed that SARS-CoV-2 Spike protein was acting like a grappling hook pulling together circulating red blood cells (RBCs) into long chains and clumps in a process called hemagglutination (HA). 

This explained why the red blood cells could not carry oxygen normally and was congruent with the finding of micro blood clots in the lungs. Boschi et al have provided additional support for this mechanism (source). By reversing the clumping of red blood cells, ivermectin enabled the patient’s proper respiratory function to return.

According to the authors:

“Ivermectin blocked HemAgglutination when added to RBCs prior to spike protein and reversed HA when added afterwards.”

In another spectacular publication, Stone et al, describes the prompt improvement of oxygenation in patients with ivermectin (source).

The published oxygenation curves from multiple studies clearly show this physiological effect of ivermectin occurs so rapidly, it must be explained by a direct anti-Spike protein effect of ivermectin. An anonymous video of a critically ill man demonstrates the very effect that Scheim, Stone, Hazan, and Babalola have described in the Figure above. So for the next critically ill patient with COVID-19, if the opportunity presents itself, push for the administration of ivermectin. This is the only published therapy for COVID-19 that improves oxygen saturation while the patient mounts a recovery. As in this man, it may be the critical factor for a turnaround and a chance to walk out of the hospital.

Key Takeaway

Patients should push their doctors to refer them to clinical trials, and when that is not feasible, then empiric therapy can be pursued. It is important to realize that in the absence of completed large randomized placebo controlled randomized trials, which are easily 5 or more years away in the future, no therapeutic claims can be made. In the meantime we must be perceptive as patients and open-minded as clinicians to come up with reasonable approaches that can be used to help those sick now with post-COVID syndromes.


Editor's Note:

Why should you trust this article? While we don't ask for blind trust, we do encourage you to trust in your own judgment. Our primary goal is to empower you to conduct thorough research and make informed healthcare decisions in consultation with your trusted medical doctor.

Though there are many spike protein detox treatment protocols out there, we consider and recommend the I-Recover protocol as one of the best.

Given the lack of clinical trials of long-haul COVID-19 syndrome, these recommendations are based on the abnormal changes within the body associated with the COVID-19 disease and post viral illnesses along with the collective experience of FLCCC members.

This protocol has also been used to treat post-vaccine inflammatory syndromes with similar success. As with all FLCCC Alliance protocols, the components, doses, and durations will evolve as more clinical data accumulates. 

Due to the marked overlap between long COVID and post-vaccine syndrome, please refer to the I-RECOVER Post-Vaccine Treatment protocol for detailed treatment strategies.

The Wellness Company's Base Spike Detox Trio

The first ever spike detox protocol appeared in the US Medical Literature and now it is available to you!

This base spike protein detox protocol consists of these three powerful ingredients: Spike Support's Nattokinase, Bromelain, and Tumeric Extract.

Vaccinated or not, prioritizing your well-being has never been more crucial.

Buy this ultimate detox bundle today, researched by Dr. Peter McCullough.

Recommended to maintain daily health for anyone exposed to COVID, vaccines, or shedding – and may help your body repair itself and remain at optimal health.

Where to buy Base Spike Detox Trio Formula: Available on The Wellness Company's website. Here is the link: Base Spike Detox Trio


  1. Why do I have to ask the freaken obvious question? Which starts to make me believe if this is crap or not. Now, I'm not a nay sayer or someone who wants to discredit this info, but how can you expect people to take this seriously (and not just an advertisement to sell the product(s) especially with no determined length of time. But the question is, FOR HOW LONG DOES ANYONE NEED TO TAKE THIS BASE CLEANSE ITEMS FOR? So irresponsible to not include that single important piece of information. EDIT THE ARTICLE TO INCLUDE THAT!

    1. Based on signals of benefit and acceptable
      safety, the triad of nattokinase 2,000 FU (100 mg) twice daily,
      bromelain 500 mg a day, and nano-curcumin 500 mg twice
      daily can be given for at least 3 months with continuation for a year or
      more, as a base detoxification regimen upon which additional
      agents can be added. Laboratory monitoring can be useful in guiding the response to treatment and also treatment duration.

      Clinicians should recognize this combination has significant
      anticoagulant effects that will be potentially counterbalanced
      by the pro-coagulant effects of spike protein. Patients should be
      counseled and monitored for bleeding complications including
      easy bruising, nasal mucosal bleeding, and gastrointestinal

  2. As I’ve understood it, and I could be wrong, I hope I’m wrong, but as I’ve understood it a person who has taken these “vaccines” their body is so changed as to make their bodies forever produce this Spike Protein. So it stands to reason then that they may have to continue these protocols for the rest of their lives. I don’t know if that is the case with only having taken the vaccine once vs. being “fully vaccinated” though. There may be some difference. I just don’t know.

    1. I purchased Dr McCullough’s Spike Protein formula a month ago. No vaxxes for me, but, my husband is vaxxed and I think one booster (although he says no booster I think he does not to admit he had one). Anyway, I was concerned about the shedding/spike issues because I was feeling lousy. When I first took the formula I was a little loopy feeling for about 30-45 minutes. Now, no loopy feeling and I have so much energy!
      I recommend trying it! I have family members who are just starting to take the formula too.
      Give it a try.👍

  3. I take Eliquis (5mg BID). It is not recommended for me to take Nattokinase. Is there an alternative that I can take for base detoxification?

  4. After receiving my vax in March 2021, I ended up with COVID in October. By November I went to the ER and was diagnosed with irregular heartbeat & prescribed Metoprolol. I reluctantly stayed on the meds until August 2023. Went to see a cardiologist about possibly discontinuing (as there had been no follow up, from my doc. after going to the ER). About this time I also began taking Dr Mc Cullough’s protocol. My cardiologist recommended I wear a heart monitor for two weeks without taking Metoprolol. After this time he recommended that I no longer continue on Metoprolol. I’ve continued Dr McCullough’s protocol (Bromelain, Nattokinase & Turmeric) & have had great results, no heart issues at all. I plan to continue this regime for 6 months, maybe longer. I’ve been on it for about 2 months and getting great results.

    1. Please provide an update as it’s been six months.

  5. I have been aspirin desensitized and take aspirin (Two 325mg tablets a day) for allergy/sinus reasons. Nattokinase says should not be taken if on blood thinners. So, I'm guessing I should not take this spike support?

  6. I am in the Air Force and was mandated to take the Covid vaccine while pregnant by threat of losing my pay and benefits as well as a threat of being discharged. I would love to take this supplement, but I’m currently breast feeding. Are there alternate recommendations for pregnant/nursing moms? Also is there protocol for children who have likely been exposed to the spike protein through breast milk and while developing in the womb?

    1. I am a Midwife and Lactation Consultant. Sadly had to stop work in NZ due to mandates for C19 injections. I have returned to work now, and would also appreciate advice as to managing detox in pregnancy & breast feeding .

  7. I've been doing the protocol for 20 days and I'm getting the same symptoms as I had after getting the vaccine. Legs fall asleep, tingling sensation in fingers (legs and hands) and very slight pain in fingers..
    Is it a good idea to continue following the protocol?
    Should I take a break wait for symptoms to improve and start again?

  8. What is the dosage for detoxing spike proteins with ivermectin? I found a source for the medicine, but they only give guidance for prevention or treatment of Covid 19.

  9. I'd been exhausted and losing handfuls of hair along with eyelashes & eyebrows falling out. Didn't even suspect hair loss was due to 5 shots and 3 infections. Started tumeric & Spike Support about 3 mos ago and was thrilled to notice the hair loss is back at normal levels - it was until I got the damn virus again! Ugh. Will keep at it and have added the bromelin. Am grateful to have these products available. Wish I had known about the povidine iodine rinses & gargles before catching it again.

    BTW - aspirin is not a blood thinner. Blood thinners are warfarin, xarelto, lovenox - they are different.

    1. Aspirin does thin the blood

    2. Somewhere along the way I saw a study that showed the more shots you get, the more likely it becomes that you will contract the virus. Your body loses its natural ability to recognize the virus as an invader and stop transmission. Do you feel like this is why you keep catching the virus? I hope the detox works for you to reset your immune system. My husband got the J&J and has had autoimmune symptoms nonstop for two years post-vax. He's been on the protocol for four months now (saw improvement within 1 month) and his eczema has become less and less prevalent, with it now almost completely gone. He was absolutely miserable for two years.

  10. Is there a test available to measure the success of the detox regime?

  11. I haven't necessarily taken the Vaccine, per say but I did get the virus and was not getting better and someone suggested taking the INFUSION which I did. Would this be something that pertains to me?

  12. I’ve purchased this product but can’t find the answer to: How long to you take it? One bottle a month forever?? Can someone answer that for me!? Thank you!

    1. i'm not a doctor, however; my research suggests for those who took multiple jabs; it could take a year, to clear your system

    2. Dr said 3-12 months

  13. I haven't taken any mRNA injections. I recently started dating a man who got the two original Pfizer injections in 2021. Two days ago I suddenly noticed vitreous floaters in my right eye not previously having had any such eye issues before. I'm wondering if my new friend is still shedding spike proteins and if somehow I've been infected with them. The timing is suspect. I've ordered the supplements with the hope that they will help dissolve these annoying floaters.

    1. Eye problems have been reported, per a study by Amer Academy of Opthamology. I just listened to Dr Kory interview on Epoch where he discussed jab shedding. People who are more sensitive will experience it more.

  14. I have not been vaccinated. But did catch the virus twice. Started this combo of 3 and got a very heavy cold with sore throat. After a week even with a very sore thyroid. Not sure what is happening. Am I detoxing or something? Should I continue?

    1. prob lymph nodes swelling cause of the spike proteins

  15. I’ve tried to take this but it increased my pain from inflammation- i have polymyalgia symptoms, but don't flag for any autoimmune. I think its my immune system trying to fight this spike in my system from J&J and two infections. I tried 1 bromelain, hurt worse. Next day 1/2 of a spike support with same increase in pain. How do I detox to then detox with this?


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