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12 Best Natural Treatments for COVID-19 (Evidence Review 2022)

Nutrients and nutraceuticals are part of the treatments that have been extensively studied during these past 2 years. That said, nutraceuticals should be combined with pharmaceuticals and should not be misinterpreted as a single stand-alone 'magic bullet' strategy for early treatment. Nutrients and nutraceuticals tend to be agnostic to the COVID-19 virus i.e. it doesn't matter if the patient is down with the Indian, European, Delta, Omicron or Deltacron variant. The mode of actions tend to be multiple and do not have a specific target like targeting the spike protein alone. Nutrients and supplements are also safer alternatives especially if your risk is low e.g. age below 50 and no other chronic illness. Discuss with your doctor on the benefit vs risk for each treatment. If you are on multiple medications, be aware of supplement-drug interactions that might enhance the possibilities of adverse effects. The important key takeaway is that you should never attempt to self medi

6 Natural Remedies for COVID-19 Prevention: An Evidence Review 2022

Do diet, supplements and exercise help with COVID-19? Any evidence? To understand the answers, please continue reading. We have covered and done a review on supplements for COVID-19 treatment . In this article, we will cover and do a review on supplements for COVID-19 'prevention' instead. The important key takeaway is that you should never attempt to self medicate without the guidance of a licensed medical provider. If you are not a medical doctor, you are likely to find the information below overwhelming. The aim of this article is to empower you with a better understanding of the options available and to discuss the options with your medical doctor as an informed patient. Please check this page regularly for updates – new natural alternatives may be added and/or dose changes to existing alternatives may be made as further scientific studies emerge.


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