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Developing long COVID appears to be more likely after two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine: Study

People who receive two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine may be more likely to develop long-COVID, a new study finds. Source: Davis, H.E., McCorkell, L., Vogel, J.M. et al. Long COVID: major findings, mechanisms and recommendations. Nature Rev Microbiol (2023) In the study published in PLOS One , researchers examined data from 487 and 371 individuals at four weeks and six months post-SARS-CoV-2 infection, respectively, to estimate the incidence, characteristics, and predictors of long COVID among patients. Long COVID symptoms were reported by 29.2 percent of participants four weeks following infection. This number dropped to 9.4 percent at six months, indicating symptoms may diminish over time. Researchers found that the greater the severity of infection a patient had, the more likely they were to experience long COVID. The incidence of long COVID at four weeks of follow-up in those who experienced mild/moderate disease was 23.4 percent compared with 62.5 percent in those with severe cases.

JN.1 COVID Variant Could Be Linked to 'White Lung' Cases

The new JN.1 variant of COVID-19 has been spreading rapidly around the world. Notably, mainland China has witnessed a surge in crowded children's hospitals, reporting cases of "white lung syndrome" or "white lung" pneumonia and increased deaths since November. Similar occurrences were noted in the United States. Are they purely coincidental or is there a link between these two events? JN.1 Quickly Becoming a Global Trend JN.1 was first detected in August. It has since been identified in 12 countries, including the United States. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in the United States, JN.1 rose from less than 0.1 percent of SARS-CoV-2 circulating viruses at the end of October to 44.2 percent as of Dec. 23. JN.1 Has Tricks JN.1  originates from  a subvariant of Omicron "Pirola"—BA.2.86 and is a recombinant form of two variants: the early BA.2 sublineage and the subsequent XBB lineage. What's particularly concerning a

The Untold Stories About Smallpox Vaccines

In the rich tapestry of medical science, vaccines stand out as monumental achievements lauded for their role in controlling, and sometimes eradicating, some of humanity's deadliest diseases. Yet, the story of vaccines is not just a straightforward account of scientific triumph. It is a complex narrative, woven with evolving methodologies, diverse perspectives, and debates over efficacy and safety. The story of vaccines—particularly the smallpox vaccine—is more than a chapter in medical history; it's a reflection of the human journey, marked by groundbreaking discoveries, societal impacts, and ongoing learning. Smallpox, once a formidable scourge, was the first disease to be eradicated through vaccination. However, the path to this success was not linear. It was punctuated with challenges and controversies. In this series, “Revisiting the Historical Vaccines,” we will explore the multifaceted history of vaccines, examine historical data, and seek a nuanced understanding of vacci


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