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Dr Peter McCullough: Risk of Stroke Skyrockets With COVID-19 Infection After Vaccination

Because the COVID-19 vaccines load the body with the genetic code for the thrombogenic and lethal spike protein, those who take a vaccine are vulnerable to a catastrophe if they get infected with SARS-CoV-2 after having recently taken one of the shots. Nahab et. al  from Emory University analyzed a statewide database of COVID-19 vaccine recipients. Approximately 5 million adult Georgians received at least one COVID-19 vaccine between December 2020 and March 2022: 54 percent received BNT162b2 (Pfizer), 41 percent received mRNA-1273 (Moderna), and 5 percent received Ad26.COV2.S (Johnson & Johnson). Those with concurrent COVID-19 infection within 21 days postvaccination had an increased risk of ischemic (OR = 8.00, 95 percent CI: 4.18, 15.31) and hemorrhagic stroke (OR = 5.23, 95 percent CI: 1.11, 24.64). Update: COVID-19, Flu Vaccines Taken Together Linked to Stroke Risk This analysis shows one of many great dangers present in rapid vaccine development and rollout without sufficient

COVID-19, Flu Vaccines Taken Together Linked to Stroke Risk

A growing number of studies indicate people are at higher risk of stroke if they receive COVID-19 and influenza vaccines at the same time, though other papers have not found an elevated risk. Researchers with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)  said  they identified an increased risk of stroke for some elderly people who received the Moderna or Pfizer vaccines concomitantly with a high-dose/adjuvanted influenza vaccine. An increased risk for people under 65 was found for people who received the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine and a flu shot on the same day, researchers with Kaiser Permanente  reported  soon after. Safety monitoring by the FDA and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)  previously found  a safety signal for Pfizer's bivalent vaccine and ischemic stroke, a type of stroke caused by blood clotting, authorities said in January. And files  obtained by The Epoch Times  showed the CDC in 2022 dete

FDA says getting Covid shot on same day as certain flu vaccines may raise risk of strokes in elderly people

The Covid vaccine may be linked to a small increase in stroke risk when given alongside a high-dose flu shot, health officials say. A new analysis by the Food and Drug Administration found the link was clearest in adults over 85 and only applied to the  Pfizer  and  Moderna  bivalent Covid booster vaccines. The  FDA  said the risk might stem from the flu vaccine alone and be completely unrelated to the Covid shots. Regardless, the report said the risk is still very small. There were roughly three strokes or stroke-like events called transient ischemic attacks for every 100,000 doses given. For comparison, in 2022 the death rate from Covid in over-85s was 1,224 per 100,000, with US health experts saying vaccination still outweighs the small risk. It is the  second analysis  by health officials to flag a possible association with strokes and seniors after getting the combination of seasonal vaccines. Meanwhile, a separate analysis by the FDA flagged up a small increase in the incidence

More young Americans are dying – and it's not COVID. Why aren't we searching for answers?

Life insurance actuaries are reporting   that many more people are dying – still – than in the years before the pandemic. And while deaths during COVID-19 had largely occurred among the old and infirm, this   new wave   is   hitting prime-of-life people hard . No one knows precisely what is driving the phenomenon, but there is an inexplicable lack of urgency to find out. A concerted investigation is in order.  Deaths among young Americans documented in employee life insurance claims should alone set off alarms.  Among working people 35 to 44 years old , a stunning 34% more died than expected in the last quarter of 2022, with above-average rates in other working-age groups, too. “ COVID-19 claims do not fully explain the increase ,” a Society of Actuaries report says. From 2020 through 2022, there were  more excess deaths proportionally among white-collar than blue-collar workers : 19% versus 14% above normal. The disparity nearly doubled among top-echelon workers in the fourth quarter

COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines Reduce a Major Beneficial Bacteria, Gut Biodiversity: Study

Research has shown that COVID-19 mRNA vaccines reduce bacteria belonging to the Bifidobacteria genus, a common and beneficial gut bacteria. COVID vaccination is also linked to reduced gut biodiversity. Works by gastroenterologist Dr. Sabine Hazan, the CEO of ProgenaBiome, a microbiome genomic research laboratory, found that after COVID-19 vaccination, people's Bifidobacteria levels can fall by as much as  90 percent . Some of her unpublished data found that Bifidobacteria levels are negligible in vaccinated people. Bifidobacteria are among the first microbes to colonize a baby's gastrointestinal tract as he or she passes through the mother's birth canal. They are believed to exert positive health effects on their host. Bifidobacteria interact with the immune system, and their presence is linked with improved immunity against pathogens and cancer. Dr. Hazan's prior works on hospitalized COVID-19 patients  showed that  patients who had severe COVID-19 tended to have no or


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