Dr. Peter McCullough COVID Update Feb 2022

America Out Loud - As the battle for liberty continues, some of those battles are being won. Let me first share with you, this heartfelt message:

Just wanted to thank Malcolm, Dr. McCullough, and Dr. Ealy for their shows about health and early treatment. Thanks to all of your great information, my family and I just got through COVID-19 unscathed in November. I could hear your calm, encouraging voices in my head as I first started to panic after hearing my doctor’s office wouldn’t even so much as see me. But, then I set to work enacting the treatment plan using the items we had kept on hand as suggested. Thanks so much for everything you are doing to call attention to the medical tyranny occurring in our country. Please keep pushing, keep talking, and keep fighting. We are behind you 1000%. You are a true light in the darkness while we fight for our lives, souls, and freedom. God bless you all. Let’s get LOUD!

McCullough Protocol
McCullough et al. Reviews in Cardiovascular Medicine, 2020

Here at America Out Loud, we are receiving a tremendous number of questions and comments on a daily basis, and are doing our best to get the answers back into your hands. Dr. Peter McCollough will be joining Malcolm Out Loud in the weeks ahead on the Voice of a Nation to bring a series of these highly important Q & A’s to the airwaves. Dr. Peter McCullough is an academic internist, cardiologist, and epidemiologist from Dallas, TX. Dr. McCullough is considered among the world’s top experts on COVID-19 pandemic response.

Here are a few examples of the kind of questions that we will address on the program today, and much more:

– I am hoping that Dr. McCullough will update us on Omicron. Some in the news media are saying that it is causing a high number of hospitalization and deaths. What is the truth?

– Since VAERS is a public website that anyone can contribute to, how valid do you consider the data to be?

– Is Vaccine Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (VAIDS) potentially sexually transmissible? i.e., if I’m an unvaccinated male who has unprotected sex with a vaccinated woman, am I at risk of contracting AIDS?

– I am 63 years old and have ovarian cancer. The tumor has been removed, and I am headed to chemotherapy. The oncologist has strongly suggested that I get vaccinated for Covid at this point. I’m hoping Dr. McCullough could advise me. I am uncomfortable with taking the Covid shot, but the oncologist has given me a reason to consider it. I am generally a healthy 63 year old with no other complications. Any advice would be welcome?

– I got my second dose of Moderna in February 2021, and just weeks later conceived my baby. It was an uncomplicated pregnancy. He was born in December and seems to be perfectly healthy. But now I’m learning about how long spike proteins stay in the system. Do spike proteins make it into the baby’s system? Should I be worried about his future health? Is there something I should watch out for or have him evaluated for?

– Living in the age of misinformation, it can be very difficult to vet accurate and truthful information. On that note, there has been a lot of information come to light about the links between the Covid Vaccines and HIV infection. Could there be any truth to this?

– This has a slim chance of finding you, but my wife is a Pediatric Neurologist at an NYC Hospital and is 21 weeks pregnant. We are trying to avoid this booster mandate until after pregnancy. Is there any way your team can help?

– I saw videos online that the spike protein is sticky and causes blot clots. Also, the spike protein causes pericarditis/myocarditis. Is there a protocol for the covid recovered, so they don’t get blood clots, myocarditis, or pericarditis?



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