FLCCC vs Zelenko vs AAPS Protocol: COVID-19 Outpatient Treatment Guidelines

The COVID-19 Outpatient treatment guidelines are based on various protocols including (but not limited to) AAPS (American Association of Physicians and Surgeons), FLCCC (Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance) and Dr Vladimir Zelenko . The aim of this article is to publish the guidelines and compile related resources in an electronic format that can be updated in step with the rapid pace and growing volume of related information regarding the outpatient treatment of COVID-19.

FLCCC I-MASK+ Protocol for Prevention and Treatment

Please refer to the latest FLCCC protocol (version 19: Jan 19, 2022).

AAPS Protocol

Dec. 31, 2020 - A peer-reviewed updated summary of COVID-19 early-treatment best practices was published in Reviews in Cardiovascular Medicine, an interdisciplinary scientific, open access journal.

This international collaboration — comprised of physicians, like lead author Peter McCullough, MD, outlines the urgency of "prompt early initiation of sequenced multi-drug therapy (SMDT) … to stem the tide of hospitalizations and death."

The authors explain:

The early stage of viral replication provides a therapeutic window of tremendous opportunity to potentially reduce the risk of more severe sequelae in high risk patients. Precious time is squandered with a 'wait and see' approach … resulting in unnecessary hospitalization, morbidity, and death.… In newly diagnosed, high-risk, symptomatic patients with COVID-19, SMDT has a reasonable chance of therapeutic gain with an acceptable benefit-to-risk profile.

Included in the paper is a "sequential multidrug treatment algorithm" and summaries of the rationale and evidence for each component.

In an alert issued to members, the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, urges physicians to "share this new article with your colleagues, any contacts you have in the media, and with leaders in your community." "To overcome the increasing censorship of lifesaving information, it is imperative that everyone pitch in to see that this manuscript is distributed as widely as possible," AAPS states.

The article also includes a list of the numerous countries around the world that are encouraging early treatment. The authors contrast the situation in countries including the U.S. where "the current failure of government support for randomized clinical trials evaluating widely available, generic, inexpensive therapeutics, and the lack of instructive outpatient treatment guidelines (U.S., Canada, U.K., Western EU, Australia, some South American Countries), clinicians must act according to clinical judgement and in shared decision making with fully informed patients."

"Until the pandemic closes with population-level herd immunity potentially augmented with vaccination, early ambulatory SMDT should be a standard practice in high risk and severely symptomatic acute COVID-19 patients beginning at the onset of illness," conclude the authors.

Early Treatment COVID-19 Protocols

COVID-19 Prevention Protocols

Zelenko vs FLCCC I-MASK+ protocol for treatment

In addition to what is recommended by the zelenko protocol, the FLCCC I-MASK+ treatment protocol includes mouthwash, melatonin and ivermectin and incorporates repurposed and newer agents like anti-androgens (spironolactone, finasteride and dutasteride), fluvoxamine and monoclonal antibodies as part of the treatment protocol. The I-MASK+ treatment protocol also categorises the treatment agents into first line agents and second line agents for those who do not respond to first line agents and for those high risk patients with co-morbidities.

Many successful studies utilised both ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine in combination. Further, the Zelenko protocol recommends that both hydroxychoroquine and ivermectin can be used together, especially for high risk patients. If you have started with only one, the second agent may be added after about 2 days of treatment if obvious recovery has not yet been observed.

Find Physicians/Facilities Offering COVID-19 Early Treatment in USA

Telemedicine: https://www.americasfrontlinedoctors.com/how-do-i-get-covid-19-medication/

Telemedicine: https://speakwithanmd.com/corsination

Telemedicine: FrontlineMDs.com

Telemedicine: https://myfreedoctor.com/

List of Independent Practices: https://aapsonline.org/covidearlytreatment

List #2 Independent Practices: https://www.doctorsdontfearcovid.com/

FLCCC Alliance: https://covid19criticalcare.com/network-support/the-flccc-alliance/

Arnot Health & Lake Erie College of Medicine (upstate NY): https://www.arnothealth.org/

Bethany Medical (North Carolina): https://bethanymedicalcenter.com/

Budesonide Protocol Practices: https://budesonideworks.com/providers/

For those who have found a doctor that has prescribed HCQ but their pharmacy will not fulfill the early treatment prescription – it can be overnighted by – Ravkoo Pharmacy : Phone: 863-875-5700

COVID-19 Clinical Study Tracking and Meta-analysis


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