TURBO CANCER - ANGIOSARCOMA (Cancer of blood vessels) - RAREST cancers before COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines (not so rare now)

Excerpt from Dr William Makis Substack

29 year old PhD chemist Kirsty Smitten was diagnosed with 6cm tumor in her heart - an extremely rare cardiac angiosarcoma, a few months ago. She died on Oct.4, 2023. The cancer was so rare that her surgeon had never seen one. At Sheffield, UK, she discovered the first new class of antibiotics in 40 years and could be nominated for a Nobel Prize. She was COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine mandated. 

Oct.21, 2023 - Bethlehem, GA - Young mom Inela Hajdarevic was diagnosed with a 5cm tumor in her heart in Aug.2023, a Cardiac Angiosarcoma which already spread to her lungs and brain. She is currently fighting for her life. 

Sep.4, 2023 - Fountain, MI - Cindy Dodson was diagnosed with Angiosarcoma of the breast in Jan.2023. She had a mastectomy but “the cancer spread beyond the parameters of what they could do for the mastectomy” 

July 21, 2023 - Rochester, MI - Scott Dierschow was diagnosed with Angiosarcoma in June 2023 and died one month later. 

July 17, 2023 - Sandpoint, ID - 23 year old Sierra Kramer is a young mom of a 3 year old girl. In Jan.2023 she was diagnosed with a 12cm mass in her heart, Stage 2 Primary Cardiac Angiosarcoma - her oncologists had never seen or treated one, claim it’s a 1 in 20 million cancer. She awaits surgery. 

I present 12 cases in total in a never-before attempted examination of the phenomenon. Sarcomas are skyrocketing in the COVID-19 mRNA vaccinated but this is a special group of sarcomas. Turbo Cancer is all the rage right now and some “experts” have jumped on the bandwagon without reporting, examining or studying a single clinical case or patient who had taken COVID-19 Vaccines. We know about COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Spike Protein damaging blood vessels (vasculitis, aneurysms - which are rupturing in the brain, etc) 

MAYO CLINIC STATES: “Angiosarcoma happens when cells in the lining of a blood vessel or lymph vessel develop changes in their DNA.” What travels through COVID-19 mRNA Vaccinated people’s blood vessels and lymph vessels?



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