Risk of Stroke Skyrockets With COVID-19 Infection After Vaccination

Because the COVID-19 vaccines load the body with the genetic code for the thrombogenic and lethal spike protein, those who take a vaccine are vulnerable to a catastrophe if they get infected with SARS-CoV-2 after having recently taken one of the shots.

Nahab et. al from Emory University analyzed a statewide database of COVID-19 vaccine recipients. Approximately 5 million adult Georgians received at least one COVID-19 vaccine between December 2020 and March 2022: 54 percent received BNT162b2 (Pfizer), 41 percent received mRNA-1273 (Moderna), and 5 percent received Ad26.COV2.S (Johnson & Johnson). Those with concurrent COVID-19 infection within 21 days postvaccination had an increased risk of ischemic (OR = 8.00, 95 percent CI: 4.18, 15.31) and hemorrhagic stroke (OR = 5.23, 95 percent CI: 1.11, 24.64).

This analysis shows one of many great dangers present in rapid vaccine development and rollout without sufficient data safety and monitoring. Stroke is a devastating outcome, and it appears that a large number of debilitating cases could have been avoided if the COVID-19 vaccines were taken off the market in January 2021 for excess mortality. The patients in this study would have been spared stroke and disability.

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Nahab F, Bayakly R, Sexton ME, Lemuel-Clarke M, Henriquez L, Rangaraju S, Ido M. Factors associated with stroke after COVID-19 vaccination: a statewide analysis. Front Neurol. 2023 Jun 28;14:1199745. doi: 10.3389/fneur.2023.1199745. PMID: 37448752; PMCID: PMC10337778.

These data highlight the need for spike protein detoxification—in other words, methods to reduce the burden of spike protein within the body. We have a widely anticipated manuscript in press featuring an ambulatory triple combination regimen of nattokinase, bromelain, and curcumin, which works proteolytically to clear spike protein while providing a low level of thrombolysis and control over inflammation.

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