We report on an aggressive, infiltrating, metastatic, and ultimately lethal basaloid type of carcinoma arising shortly after an mRNA vaccination for COVID-19. The wife of the patient, since deceased, gave the consent for publishing the case. The malignancy was of cutaneous origin and the case showed symptoms consistent with Bell's palsy and trigeminal neuralgia beginning four days post-vaccination (right side head temporal pain). 

The temporal pain was suggestive for inflammation and impairment of T cell immune activation. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) showed a vascular loop on the left lateral aspect of the 5 th cranial root exit of cerebellopontine angle constituting presumably a normal variant and was considered as an unrelated factor to the right-sided palsy and pain symptoms that corresponded to cranial nerves V (trigeminal nerve) and VII (facial nerve). 

In this study we describe all aspects of this case and discuss possible causal links between the rapid emergence of this metastatic cancer and mRNA vaccination. We place this within the context of multiple immune impairments potentially related to the mRNA injections that would be expected to potentiate more aggressive presentation and progression of cancer. 

The type of malignancy we describe suggests a population risk for occurrence of a large variety of relatively common basaloid phenotype cancer cells, which may have the potential for metastatic disease. This can be avoidable with early diagnosis and adequate treatment. Since facial paralysis/pain is one of the more common adverse neurolog-ical events following mRNA injection, careful inspection of cutaneous/soft tissue should be conducted to rule out malignancy. 

An extensive literature review is carried out, in order to elucidate the toxicity of mRNA vaccination that may have led to the death of this patient. Preventive and precise routine clinical investigations can potentially avoid future mortalities.


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