21 Social Media stars with a combined 75+ million subscribers have been diagnosed with CANCER?

26 yo Colby Brock (10 million Youtube subscribers) has testicular cancer

43 yo Hank Greek of vlogbrothers (3.7 million Youtube subscribers) has lymphoma

39 yo Chad Wild Clay (14.7 million Youtube subscribers) has rare spinal cancer

21 yo Kyedae Shymko (2.2 million Twitch followers, 1.1 million Instagram) has Leukemia

35 yo "Enkyboys" Randy Gonzalez (15.7 million TikTok followers) just died of Stage 4 colon cancer


COVID-19 vaccinated young people are coming down with turbo cancers - leukemias, lymphomas, glioblastomas or Stage 4 breast, lung, colon cancers that are very aggressive and resistant to chemo/radiation.

These 20 social media stars have 60+ million subscribers between them and reach 100s of millions of people worldwide - imagine if they spoke up - the entire COVID-19 propaganda narrative would collapse!!

But they can't - the very platforms they got famous on - Youtube, Instagram, TikTok - do not allow ANY discussion of COVID-19 vaccine dangers or injuries.



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