Dr Peter McCullough: Spike Detox Protocol Appears in US Medical Journal

Dr Peter McCullough's Spike Detox Protocol (Substack)

According to Dr Peter McCullough's substack article:

For several weeks I have been messaging the scientific community and the public about an approach addressing the burden of SARS-CoV-2 Spike protein in tissues and organs in the human body that is largely responsible for post-COVID and vaccine injury syndromes.

No therapeutic claims can be made since large, prospective, double-blind randomized, placebo-controlled trials have not been completed on any of the compounds mentioned in this paper. I checked clinicaltrials.gov and no such trials have been planned. The Biden HHS US Action Plan for Long-COVID Research has pumped a billion dollars into long-COVID research and no new therapies have emerged. HHS, NIH, CDC, FDA have not recognized the larger issue of vaccine damage to the body.

At three and one half years into the pandemic and two and a half years into the COVID-19 vaccine debacle, myself and my clinic partners formulated a baseline regimen upon which additional drugs or agents can be added. We believe the Spike protein and the inflammation cause by it and its proteolytic fragments are at the heart of the pathophysiology we are observing.

We searched the literature for all available sources of evidence for products that can aid the human body in breaking down and catabolizing the Spike protein. We found two compounds, nattokinase and bromelain. Both of which additionally have fibrinolytic properties which are advantageous in the prothrombotic milieu induced by the persistent Spike protein. Curcumin was added for its anti-inflammatory properties in the setting of post-COVID and vaccine patients. The main safety caveats are bleeding and allergic reactions, both of which are manageable. It is our experience that both nattokinase and bromelain can be used in addition to antiplatelet and anticoagulant drugs with physician monitoring.

The empiric regimen can be continued for 3-12 months or more and be guided by clinical observation:
  • Nattokinase 2000 FU (100) mg orally twice a day without food
  • Bromelain 500 mg orally once a day without food
  • Curcumin 500 mg orally twice a day (nano, liposomal, or with piperine additive suggested)

McCullough PA, Wynn C, Procter BC. Clinical Rationale for SARS-CoV-2 Base Spike Protein Detoxification in Post COVID-19 and Vaccine Injury Syndromes. Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons Volume 28 Number 3 Fall 2023, 90-93.

The full manuscript is linked (below) and serves as your reference. While we are seeing case examples of improvement, we aim to collaborate with others as we did with the McCullough Protocol, to demonstrate clinical effectiveness of Base Spike Detoxification as a fundamental strategy for a large number of individuals who have suffered long-term consequences from SARS-CoV-2 infection and COVID-19 vaccination.

Editor's Note:

When reading and reviewing an article, it's crucial for readers to access as much relevant and helpful information as possible. Therefore, we have included additional information below for readers to consider before making informed decisions in consultation with their trusted healthcare provider.

Dr Peter McCullough's Spike Detox Protocol (Twitter)

According to Dr Peter McCullough (in a Twitter post - July 2023):

Base Spike Detox is what I am currently using in my practice for those who have had COVID-19 multiple times, one or more of the COVID-19 vaccines, or both and believe persistent SARS-CoV-2 Spike protein could be causing problems in their body. A major publication is under review and editing; however, the information is far too important to hold back. 

I have arrived, based on the emerging scientific literature and my clinical observation, that three OTC products are essential as a triple base combination:
  1. Nattokinase 2000 FU (100 mg) twice a day
  2. Bromelain 500 mg once a day
  3. Nano/Liposomal Curcumin 500 mg twice a day
Additional products can be added, including NAC, IVM, HCQ, fluvoxamine, low-dose naltrexone, and blood thinners, depending on the clinical evaluation and the syndrome. The therapeutic objective is to start treatment and allow the body to clear Spike and its fragments with the natural reticuloendothelial system. I believe this triple combination is the best approach.

Patients can get a big head start if they self-initiate Base Spike Detox as they get organized for appointments. I have found three months is a minimum duration, and some require more than a year. Don’t expect instant results, be patient. I have a major manuscript under review for publication that summarizes the clinical rationale and evidence supporting Base Spike Detox.

Important safety warnings include bleeding for those on blood thinners or who have bleeding disorders (e.g., hemophilia), soy allergy, allergies to any component of the combination, and gastrointestinal intolerance. Women of childbearing potential without contraception, pregnant, breastfeeding, and children should not take this combination unless directed by a doctor.

Why should you trust this article? While we don't ask for blind trust, we do encourage you to trust in your own judgment. Our primary goal is to empower you to conduct thorough research and make informed healthcare decisions in consultation with your trusted medical doctor.

FLCCC's I-RECOVER Spike Detox Protocol

Though there are many spike protein detox treatment protocols out there, we consider and recommend the I-Recover protocol as one of the best.

Given the lack of clinical trials of long-haul COVID-19 syndrome, these recommendations are based on the abnormal changes within the body associated with the COVID-19 disease and post viral illnesses along with the collective experience of FLCCC members.

This protocol has also been used to treat post-vaccine inflammatory syndromes with similar success. As with all FLCCC Alliance protocols, the components, doses, and durations will evolve as more clinical data accumulates. 

Due to the marked overlap between long COVID and post-vaccine syndrome, please refer to the I-RECOVER Post-Vaccine Treatment protocol for detailed treatment strategies.

Spike Detox Protocol FAQ

Have anyone studied Lumbrokinase or Serrapeptase? Lumbrokinase enzyme from Earthworms has a more power fibrinolytic effect than Nattokinase or Bromelin. 

Serrapeptase and lumbrokinase have no studies with Spike protein yet so should stay with suggested regimen.

The Wellness Company’s Spike Support Formula

The Wellness Company's acclaimed Spike Support Formula contains scientifically-researched ingredients, including nattokinase, black seed oil, green tea extract and selenium.

These ingredients are known for their ability to dissolve spike protein, prevent it from binding to cells, and repair tissue.

Recommended to maintain daily health for anyone exposed to COVID, vaccines, or shedding – and may help your body repair itself and remain at optimal health.

Where to buy Spike Support Formula: Spike Support Formula is available on The Wellness Company's website. Here is the link: Spike Support Formula (Long Haul Formula)

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  1. I never took the vaccine, but I am now dealing with covid for the 3rd time.. I thought I was safe because I did not take the vaccine... Looks like I have Long Covid.


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