FLCCC’s Healthy Holiday Gift Guide for a Healthy Immune System

With winter here and the holiday season fast approaching, it is important to increase your chances of staying healthy during the festivities associated with this time of year.

Fortunately, our I-MASK+ protocol includes lots of wonderful ways to boost your immune system and avoid illness during this time of year in particular. So we put together a Healthy Holiday “Gift Guide” — think of it as a holiday shopping list for good health!

Over the next few weeks we’ll be introducing you to some of the simple, over-the-counter items you can stock up on to help keep you #COVIDstrong. Check back often and keep an eye on our social media channels to discover the full list.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential for optimal health. Only a few foods contain Vitamin D, and the other most common natural source of Vitamin D is sun exposure. That’s why we need to be extra mindful of getting enough of it in winter.

Our protocol recommends 1000–3000 IU per day of Vitamin D3 (25-75 mcg).

Studies have shown an association between Vitamin D insufficiency and an increased risk of acquiring COVID-19 and from dying from the disease. Vitamin D supplementation may, therefore, be an effective and cheap way to lessen the impact of the disease. Particularly vulnerable populations include the obese, the elderly, and people of color.

A recent study showed a relationship between Vitamin D status and the severity of COVID-19 in pregnant women. During the pandemic period, therefore, Vitamin D supplementation for pregnant women should gain more importance.

Helpful Resources

— Vitamin D insufficiency is prevalent in severe COVID-19

— The Possible Role of Vitamin D in Suppressing Cytokine Storm and Associated Mortality in COVID-19 Patients

— Evidence that Vitamin D Supplementation Could Reduce Risk of Influenza and COVID-19 Infections and Deaths


Melatonin is a natural hormone best known as a sleep aid, as it helps adjust the body’s internal clock or “circadian rhythm.” Since getting good sleep is an important part of staying healthy, that alone is an argument for a daily dose of melatonin. But researchers have recently found a link between melatonin and COVID-19 prevention, as it has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.

It is intriguing to note that bats, the natural reservoir of coronavirus, have exceptionally high levels of melatonin. Scientists believe this may be what protects bats from developing symptomatic disease

Our doctors recommend starting with a low dose and gradually increasing it as your body adjusts. An ideal dose is around 6 to 10 mg per night, taken before bedtime as it does cause drowsiness. A slow release formula is preferable, as it more closely resembles the body’s natural circadian rhythm.

Helpful Resources

— Can melatonin reduce the severity of COVID-19 pandemic

— The Effect of Melatonin on Thrombosis, Sepsis and Mortality Rate in COVID-19 Patients


“Gargle twice daily.” Maybe not the three words you were hoping to hear, but did you know that gargling with the right kind of mouthwash can help stave off COVID-19 or reduce viral load if you get sick?

Let’s talk about the “right kind of mouthwash.” Check the label for words like “antiseptic” and/or “antimicrobial.” Ingredients may include: chlorhexidine, povidone-iodine, cetylpyridinium chloride and a combination of eucalyptus, menthol and thymol.

Mouthwashes with these ingredients are not just good at keeping your teeth clean and breath fresh, but they also have the ability to kill or inhibit the growth of microorganisms.

A study in Bangladesh found that COVID-19 patients with symptomatic disease treated at home with a 1% povidone iodine mouthwash/gargle, along with nasal and eye drops, resulted in a dramatic reduction in morbidity, hospitalization and death.

The doctors at FLCCC recommend gargling with these kinds of products twice a day.

Helpful Resources

— Use of mouthwashes against COVID-19 in dentistry

— Virucidal Efficacy of Different Oral Rinses Against Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2


Zinc is an essential nutrient found in foods such as red meat, fish and poultry. Humans need zinc for our health and growth — it helps with immune function, healing wounds, blood clotting and thyroid function.

The I-MASK+ protocol recommends 30-40 mg of elemental zinc per day. Commercial supplements contain anywhere from 7 to 80 mg of elemental zinc, and are commonly formulated as zinc oxide or salts with acetate, gluconate, and sulfate. As a reference, 220 mg of zinc sulfate contains 50 mg of elemental zinc.

Prolonged high doses of zinc (over 50 mg per day) should be avoided, as this is associated with copper deficiency.

Helpful resources

A combination of high-dose vitamin C plus zinc for the common cold

The Study of Quadruple Therapy Zinc, Quercetin, Bromelain and Vitamin C on the Clinical Outcomes of Patients Infected With COVID-19


Quercetin, at a dose of 250 mg daily, can have potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It is a type of flavonoid, which are plant pigments that give many fruits, flowers and vegetables their color. Quercetin is found in foods like red wine, onions, green tea, apples, and berries.

A few things to note: due to a possible drug interaction between quercetin and ivermectin these drugs should be staggered (take one in the morning and one at night). Patients taking cyclosporin or tacrolimus should avoid quercetin. And for anyone with pre-existing thyroid disease or thyroidism, the lowest dose of quercetin should be used when taken as a preventative. 

Helpful resources

Synergistic Effect of Quercetin and Vitamin C Against COVID-19

Quercetin and Vitamin C: An Experimental, Synergistic Therapy for the Prevention and Treatment of SARS-CoV-2 Related Disease (COVID-19)

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