Dr Peter McCullough: Lutein Provides Answers to Long-Covid?

Olives have been a staple in the Mediterranean diet for centuries. The olive meat and oil are widely used in so many dishes. Is it possible that olive oil could have medicinal properties?

spike protein 

I sat down with Greek physician-scientist Dr. Antonis (Anthony) Kyriakopoulos of NASCO A.D. Laboratory to learn more about his scholarship on olive oil and its important antioxidant component, lutein. He presented our recent paper describing the potential benefits of lutein for long-Covid and vaccine injury syndromes published on the Preprints Server.

I find it interesting that an engineered coronavirus Spike protein devised in a biosecurity lab in Wuhan, China, has presented the world with a series of challenges and that so many of the potential solutions are from natural sources.

Please take the time to listen to this academic presentation. Understand that the olive oil we are discussing is extra-virgin, medicinal grade, and should not be cooked or used with food. It is taken by tablespoons or capsules.

Kyriakopoulos makes the case that lutein complements the widely utilized Base Spike Detoxification protocol for post-COVID and vaccine injury syndromes published by McCullough et al.

Based on this interview, I know I will look for extra-virgin and medicinal-grade forms of olive oil for the household.

There appears to be only an upside to this approach.

Stay abreast of developments in this area as we work to add effective strategies to Base Spike Detoxification, which consists of:

  • Nattokinase 2000 FU (100) bid
  • Bromelain 500 qd
  • Curcumin 500 mg bid (nano, liposomal, or with piperine)


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