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As of May 2022, more than 80 cases of monkeypox have been reported in Australia, the United States, Canada, and Europe. In a statement the day before, the World Health Organization (WHO) said it is working to investigate another 50 suspected cases, warning that more could be reported in the near future. Monkeypox is a rare pustular/vesicular disorder, largely a skin rash and constitutional symptoms first described in 1958 in monkeys from the Congo basin in Africa with human cases reported from the 1970s going forward in time. President Joe Biden claimed Sunday that “everybody” should be concerned about an increase of monkeypox cases in Europe and the United States, although the president admitted that he hasn’t received information from his advisers on the disease yet.

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Here are a few examples of the kind of questions that we will address on the program ⏤

Jared – I’m praying for a reply as it’s been very tough getting a doctor who understands our concern. My wife is 24 weeks pregnant and has O- blood and I am A+. We are healthy mid-30s and are unvaccinated. If she takes the RH immune globulin shot to prevent hemolytic disease in the baby can she get the adverse effects of vax if the blood donor was C19 vaxxed? Will she and the baby’s DNA be altered?

Ron – Why do some people experience lower back pain right after Omicron?

Kim from New Zealand – What length of time does natural immunity give me with Omicron? No jabs. Thank you.

Maria, Medical Doctor, Stockholm – I know Dr. Peter McCullough is wonderfully generous in willing to share his data and different studies he is referring to in different interviews he’s been giving. I am about to have a meeting with some other medical doctors in Stockholm who still “believe in vaccination”. I was hoping to be able to find some of Dr. McCulloughs amazing presentation material like statistics, studies that have been done, etc. Would you be able to help me maybe with a way for me to find this? All the Best, and blessings to you!

Steve – a 31-year-old friend died a few days after the booster. Flew for a business trip from Maine to California and died in his sleep at the hotel he was staying at. After months of waiting, toxicology came back clean, and the cause of death was unexplained nocturnal death. Not sure if any correlation? But doesn’t feel right as Matt was healthy.

Dr. Malia – I recently learned of an otherwise healthy 10-year-old boy diagnosed with MS following the covid vaccine. Typically this diagnosis for a young boy is unheard of, are you seeing a rise in pediatric MS post-vax? The family is devastated and looking for direction and answers. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! We are grateful for your podcasts, insight, critical thinking, and for taking a stand!

John – My sister-in-law a nurse died October 7th after receiving the covid and the booster shots. Can my brother sue, if so who and how?

Dr. Naomi Thompson – I’m a primary care physician working in immediate care and I’ve been seeing a lot of chest pain patients in the wake of covid vaccines. Is it reasonable to work up peri/myocarditis outpatient and how would you go about that? Recently I saw a young male with low acs risk, and low perc, come in with chest pain for a couple of months after a covid booster. EKG was normal. I ordered Troponin, inflammatory levels, and CBC outpatient. His Troponin came back high. He was sent to the ED and hospitalized for 3 days for “heart inflammation” per pt. Is there a way to do this work up safely without sending it to ED?


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