Dr Mercola's COVID Treatment Protocol 2022

According to Dr Mercola (Jan 2022):

Considering the uncertainties around diagnosis, it's best to treat any cold or flu-like symptoms early. At first signs of symptoms, start treatment. Perhaps it's the common cold or a regular influenza, maybe it's the much milder Omicron, but since it's hard to tell, your best bet is to treat symptoms as you would treat earlier forms of COVID.

Considering how contagious Omicron is, chances are you're going to get it, so buy what you'll need now, so you have it on hand if/when symptoms arise. And, remember, this applies for those who have gotten the jab as well, since you're just as likely to get infected — and perhaps even more so. Early treatment protocols with demonstrated effectiveness include:
Based on Dr Mercola's review of these protocols, he has developed the following summary of the treatment specifics he believed are the easiest and most effective.

Dr Mercola's COVID Treatment Protocol

Mercola's COVID treatment protocol


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