Vaccine Injury Treatment - Fasting for 48-72 Hours Creates Autophagy by Dr William Makis

What is the literature on fasting & COVID-19 vax injuries?

The benefits of fasting on COVID-19 vaccine injuries, are now being looked at seriously in the scientific literature with a number of new papers coming out:

COVID-19 Spike protein damage:

  • Spike protein creates blood clots, damages blood vessel walls and causes inflammation

  • Spike protein damages mitochondria (causes decreased energy production, accumulation of reactive oxygen species)

  • Spike protein blocks damaged mitochondria from being cleared by the body

  • Spike protein creates aggregates of abnormal proteins

  • spike protein fragments can produce amyloid proteins (click here)

  • spike protein destroys gut microbiome (click here)

  • spike protein causes severe immune system dysfunction, which can lead to autoimmune diseases and cancer (click here)


  • autophagy is the body’s way of removing abnormal proteins, damaged cellular components, damaged cells.

  • autophagy is stimulated by fasting, heat therapy (sauna), ozone therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy

  • autophagy is also stimulated by: coffee, resveratrol, turmeric, metformin


There are two main categories of fasting:

  • prolonged fasting (lasting for at least 36 hours)

  • intermittent fasting (shorter fasting periods of 12 to 24 hours)

There are several goals of prolonged fasting:

  • remove as much spike protein from the body as possible via autophagy of cells that express the spike protein
  • remove spike protein aggregates, amyloid proteins, prions, other abnormal or misfolded proteins that can cause disease
  • reboot the immune system and produce new immune cells
  • improve gut microbiome
  • improve mitochondrial health and function, create new mitochondria
  • stimulate stem cell production

Dr.Sten Ekberg (former Olympic decathlon athlete) reviews fasting benefits over time (source)

My Take…

The goal of this short article is to introduce the idea of prolonged fasting as a powerful means of getting rid of the toxic spike protein and spike protein damaged cells, in those who are either COVID-19 vaccinated or suffering from long COVID.

The key process to eliminating spike protein via fasting is: autophagy.

Autophagy only starts to get activated around 24 hours of fasting, with a maximum effect around 72 hours, a 3-day fast, beyond which there are diminishing returns.

I also believe that a dysfunctional immune system is the driving force behind most COVID-19 vaccine injuries.

Interestingly, a reboot of the immune system also requires a 72-hour fast.

Finally, stem cell production that occurs during a 72 hour fast can also contribute to repairing the damage done by the COVID-19 spike protein.

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